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Portal Card has in its portfolio of solutions, prospecting and sale of cards, issues and authorizations, until a deployment of customized projects, depending on the need of the Client.

Every service provided involves the most diverse stages, from a card issuance, processing of transaction data to a source issue.

Through Port Portal, a Portal Card can offer its customers practical, agility and adaptability, and can be adapted to demanding requirements.

Among the available services:


- Capability to capture in 30 thousand commercial establishments distributed throughout Brazil, being able also to offer the service of routing of the transactions;

- Daily reconciliation of the account balances, integrating all the concepts proposed by COSIF

- Accounting Plan of the Institutions of the National Financial System;

- Storage and real-time availability of financial transactions for a period of 5 years, allowing off-line access to the collection for 25 years;

- Determination and daily reconciliation of the obligations to be paid to the card issuer's merchants. The payment files can be generated directly to the issuing bank, according to the model FEBRABAN

- Brazilian Federation of Banks;

- Generation of invoices and bank receipts for settlement of receivables;

- Data Warehouse with retrieval of information online or via download.



High-performance, high-availability DELL® servers and arrays;

- Environments with managed and redundant nobreaks;

- Monitoring and correction of faults 24 x 7 x 365;

- Database Servers;

- Authorization Servers; - Application Servers / Routines;

- Firewall HA;

- DNS;

- Asset availability verification service;

- IPS (Intrusion Detection System);

- IDS (Intrusion Prevention System);

- Cisco / DELL Switches and Routers;

- Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) Thales e-Security;

- Security 24 x 7 x 365 allowing only the entry of properly identified and authorized persons.


All Infrastructure support and contingency of the entire operation of our products is kept under control through the planning and management of the main differentials offered to all our Clients:


- Data Storage System in Storages with internal fiber optic communication;

- Security systems such as firewalls, VPNs, IDS;

- Redundancy of Internet Links;

- Automated Backup System;

- Data Mirroring;

- Monitoring and management of the entire physical and logical environment.





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