The Salary Card greater flexibility and transparency for Customers offering services through an online system for generating and managing a Corporate Card with the generation of invoices by Company or by Branch Units.

The Salary Card offers a greater practicality for the Companies by allowing the payments of the employees to be scheduled through the launching of credits, where all operations are carried out online via WEB, without risk, and the launch can occur in only one card or in a lot of allowing more than one credit per day.

In the Salary Card the Company also has the flexibility in the means of payment to release the credits, and can be realized by online ticket via WEB or by Debit in Account. Upon payment made by the Company, the system credits the charge to the employee's card.

All steps from launching the cargo to its release are listed in an audit trail in the system. Thus, with the credit of the card or lot of cards launched, it is possible to trace online processing steps until the release of the charges.

To further facilitate the management of the Salary Card::

- Possibility of control of service in ATMS, through files and management reports;

- Issuance of reports of all credits scheduled and effected by Company and per period;

- Follow-up of issuance of cards and passwords;

- Issuance of reports of statements of credits made and invoices issued;

- Issuance of reports with control of all Securities Issued;

- Issuance of reports containing all charges posted on the cards by Company;

- Issuance of reports of all withdrawals made.


- Registration of the employee (s) totally online and in real time;

- Realization of credit and maintenance of online salary;

- Release of credit from single or programmed salary;

- Lower risk of payment with cash;

- Issue of Invoice for each payment alignment;

- Monitoring and evolution of active and passive operations of the product in real time via WEB.

- Allows the prepayment for prepaid cards, according to the need of the Company.