Quality Management System - ISO9001

Documented Information

Our technological, systems and operational collection is documented and governed considering:

- Methodology and standardization of the insertion of new components of the Architecture of the Network of Computers.
- Methodology and standardization of Database Objects.
- Methodology and standardization of the Development and Maintenance stages of the Systems.
- Manuals of Procedures of Procedures and standards of execution of activities.

We have the reference in the development and implementation of a Quality Management system with determination of each element and how to apply them through our Quality Policy.

Our scope of focuses on "Design, Development and Provision of Card Processing Service such as: Credit Card, Food and Meal Card, Gift Card, Car Maintenance Card, Fuel Card, Salary Card, but not limited to, all In the Pre and Postpaid mode including the following steps: Capturing financial transactions in the standard ISO 8583 and in its own standard via the Internet; Generation of Collection Invoices to Individuals and Legal, Excerpts and FEBRABAN standard tickets; Control of Accounts Receivable from Individuals and Legal Entities; Collection system for individuals and legal entities; Generation of standard FEBRABAN border for payment to the commercial establishments; Accounting system including all steps being balance, balance, reason and daily; Management Reports and Control Reports; Audits of the various stages of the process. "



The Portal Card Ltda. through the Projects of Information Technology, Software Development and the Provision of Services that include the Management of Means of Payment, Banking Financial Products, Credit Card, Electronic Voucher Pre and Postpaid, has as Quality Policy:
- Meet the requirements of Customers, seeking the permanent improvement of their processes;
- The development of its collaborators;
- Maintaining the effectiveness of the Quality Management System