The Prepaid Card is the electronic payment mode in which the cardholder credits a card in advance for later use. When the card is used, the amount spent is deducted from the available balance.


The Prepaid system is a card mode that also enables establishments to create plans for consumption of products or services through charges on the card, attracting and retaining the public with a card that does not have a credit granting policy.


The prepaid card also offers the possibility of the shopkeeper to receive in advance the products or services that he is offering, being the same used exclusively in his space.



The Prepaid Card is intended for individuals and legal entities for diversified use, through the inclusion of credits, for the purpose of acquiring products and / or services in any establishment, without the commitment of subsequent payments.


The main characteristic of the Prepaid Card is re-use, since it can be recharged according to the needs of the bearer, each Issuer being individually and in accordance with its internal policies and commercial practices, establish minimum charges and / or maximums to load onto the card.