Our history

Portal Card is a credit card processor that has been operating for more than 20 years in the provision of services in several segments of the area, differentiating itself in the market because it is the only company in the segment to own its own software, assuring customers more affordable costs and the possibility of adapting more quickly to their needs.

Portal Card started its activities as a service provider in 1999 with its first client as a Financial Institution located in the city of Porto Alegre. Being the first product processed, the Individual Card.  In 2006, Portal Card was approved by MasterCard in the MVP (MasterCard Vendor Program) Processor category, keeping its ICA active in this Banner with up-to-date simulators in operation, as well as a group of professionals being permanently trained in on-site courses via Academy.

Portal Card

Over the years Portal Card has been incorporating new customers in the Credit Card business as well as Hybrid or Closed Private Label Cards, Electronic Voucher in PAT, Food, Meal and Present; Car Fleet Management controlling Supply, Maintenance, Consigned Card, electronic CDC, among many others.


During this time, Portal Card has always offered solutions and advantages with competence and security, with priority as quality and satisfaction, seeking continuous improvement in all operations..


Portal Card's mission is to meet customer needs by providing quality services, security, cost and agility in service.


Achieve leadership as a solution provider and service provider in payment means by expanding its operations.


Our values ​​support our Mission with qualities that distinguish us and guide us through our organizational culture based on work, respect for the client, continuous improvement and development of our employees. 

Mission, vision and values
Mercado de Atuação
Market of action

Portal Card acts strongly in the most varied segments of the credit and debit card market, being electronic media processor, providing services and targeting BANKS; FINANCIAL INSTITUTION; COMMERCIAL ESTABLISHMENTS IN GENERAL; COOPERATIVES OF CREDITS; ASSOCIATIONS; SYNDICATES and other companies managing their own card, thanks to a complete system of processing 100% based on Microsoft technology offering facilities of maintenance and flexibility in the expansion for new products.  

Portal Card performs online and real-time transaction processing in a very secure way. In addition to having a 24-hour support structure, 7 days a week for customer support, Portal Card provides the website with fully online access to information for any user in the system, whether it is a business.

With more than 20 years of expertise and fully own software, Portal Card also offers Capture Gateway and Transaction Routing solutions. In addition to ensuring the compliance of fraud prevention actions according to standards defined by the  PCI Standard Security Council.