Complete IT solutions, flexible and quality

in digital payment means.

We believe in the service that suits your needs. 

We build multiplatform solutions, with adaptability in different business models guaranteed by solid operational guarantee.  

We seek to provide quality in all service provided, safely, affordable and agile.

We are the Portal Card.

Portal Card processes transactions through a vast capture network distributed in several regions of the country, with an open interface for captures via TEF, POS, Internet and Mobile.

Varied management tools, a modular and open system for interfaces and new business with maintenance facilities and flexibility in expansion for new products.

Reference in PA-DSS to increase the security of card data in order to mitigate malware injection and reduce other vulnerabilities in network environments.

Practicality and mobility for the Carrier to unlock your Card, access Extracts, Limits, Invoices, Card Balance, Future Postings and more.