Maximize your resources rationally and economically, using an integrated or partial management system in the control of supplies and maintenance of vehicles in your fleet.

The Portal Card offers to Fleets of all sizes a system with many advantages that simplifies the release and distribution of funds between authorized employees, making use of a personal password to carry out the supplies and mechanical maintenance performed on the vehicles.

Our software is totally proprietary. That's why we developed and customized it with the ideal solution for your fleet. We believe that we will be creating even more value and optimizing your results.



The system provides online the main vehicle data such as category, model, license plate, engine model, year of manufacture of vehicle, year of vehicle model, power, average yield, odometer, tank capacity, fueling limit, mileage, type of the product and much more, enabling the verification of the information to release the supply in real time, as well as the management of the Fleet with the identification of the expenses of the vehicle and the driver of the vehicle through reports via WEB 24 hours a day.

In the fuel supply system the transactions carried out are monitored daily by POS or TEF, with warnings in the period of fall or decrease in traffic.

Linked to the Supply system, Portal Card has the Vehicle Maintenance system, thus integrating the Fleet Management System.

Your Fleet will be managed online whenever there is a need for mechanical repairs. The maintenance of vehicles in Mechanical Workshops is done through the opening of service orders, where it is possible to quote parts electronically via WEB, in real time, along with the various Auto Parts and Mechanical Workshops pre-registered in the system, which also have to respond to their budgets.

The approval of the budget occurs in real time with authorization of the invoice payments after proof of the repair of the vehicle via WEB. The Fleet also controls the entry and exit registration of the vehicles in the Mechanical Workshops, including registration of the completion of the vehicle repair.




- Registration of Products / Services authorized for Vehicle Supply and Maintenance.
- Control of Supply and Maintenance limits per vehicle.
- Management of all your fleet with Fleet Register system, Branch Units, Vehicles and Drivers.
- Card linked to the Vehicle and not to the Driver.

- e-DriverCard the application for the driver of the vehicle consult your Extracts, Balances, locate the Accredited Workshops and nearest Fuel Stations;

- Authorization through e-POS with practicality, security and mobility to make its sales, manage and monitor all its operation with exclusive access.

- Control and Management Reports on line, by period of maintenance and supply history of all Vehicles, listing of Drivers that did not supply per period, Supply Deviation Report, analytical and synthetic Balance totals and much more.
- Ensure transparency in the administration of your entire Fleet and greater driver safety.

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