There is one basic rule in business: keeping a customer is easier than attracting new customers.

An indicator of a Company's success is the loyalty of its customers. If they come back, there's a reason. Because they like the product or service offered, the price or the service - or a combination of these factors.
O Fidelity Program  is increasingly present in the day to day of consumers, being applicable in any market segment and the adhesion to the program has been gaining strength in the same proportion.

Portal Card offers the Fidelity Program through a multiplatform solution accessed via mobile or desktop with the same functionalities and guarantee of operation in a simple, fast and efficient way.


The Fidelity Program is completely flexible and can be integrated with the management of products offered and processed by Portal Card or used independently as an administrative system with or without a card, such as the CPF number.

Portal Card offers the solution, which includes:

- Purchasing in loyalty establishments.

- Setup by Score and Bonuses to redeem points.

- Consultation of points valid for recovery.

- Redemption of the points through the code (QRCode).

- Possibility of transfer of points.

- Sending of emails informing the clients points balance regularly.

- Zero points after rescue.

- Calculation of balances of points.

- Control of expired points.