Through e-OFFERS it is possible to register establishments so that products and / or services are offered with the flexibility of parameterization of the period of the offers, providing the consumer public with a differential and certain attraction when making purchases, allowing the creation from the list of favorites to alert the consumer whenever the product and / or service is promoted via mobile application and also with the convenience of concentrating in one click the generation of discount coupons for your purchases.

The E-Offers system includes accesses:

- ADMINISTRATIVO WEB - Access that gives the Shopkeeper all the management of the products and / or services, banners and the featured offers that will be displayed via mobile.

- MOBILE - Through the application, consumers access the offers registered in the period of validity determined by the Establishment, with the flexibility to create your list of favorites relating the products and their offers, generating discounts, and more.

Count on it as a smart solution thought of you, shopkeeper!

e-OFFERS is a practical product that Portal Card has developed to provide the practicality of concentrating in one click the search for discounts in view of the consumer, a set of product and / or service offerings through mobile or web access.