- Proposal Register for future evaluation of the approval of the  Proponent by Backoffice.

- Unlimited access to Proponent to track the status of your Proposal until its approval.

- Proposal approved?

The Carrier  through the Digital Portal Card application:

- Perform the unlocking of your Card,

- Accesses Extracts,

- Limits,

- Detailed invoices,

- Card Balance,

- Fidelity program,

- Future Releases and more!

The Portal Card Digital App is a Mobile access channel offered by Portal Card to the Credit Card Issuer. Through the application, the Issuer has the practicality and the mobility so that together with its potential clients, it offers the facility to make the registration of proposals by the cellphone, anytime and anywhere, 24 hours a day, for evaluation and opening account and use of the Credit Card.

Among all the features offered by the  Portal Card Digital App are: communication with the Issuer's system to evaluate the data of the Bidder, inclusion of indispensable documents for account opening, such as: Identity, CPF and Proof of residence, sending SMS to register the Proponent's access to the Issuer's system, consultation of extracts, invoices, etc.

Aplicativo Portal Card Digital
Aplicativo Portal Card Digital

The Portal Card Digital App also has the service of sending  SMS, according to the events carried out in the use and operation of the Credit Card such as:

- Shopping;

- Invoice Closing Notice;

- E-mail Invoice;

- Invoice Receipt Notice;

- Confirmation of Exterior Travel, etc.