Why the Portal Card?

Portal Card has a complete Banner and Flag Credit Card Processing System, 100% based on Microsoft technology offering maintenance facilities and flexibility in the expansion for new products.

We have our own software with total ease of implementation.
Thanks to this, we can offer our customers efficiency, agility and adaptability, adapting to whatever the demands are demanded.

As a credit card processor, Portal Card complies with PA-DSS standards for the development, enhancement, dissemination, and deployment of security standards for cardholder data protection, to improve software performance, data security to reduce possible hacker attacks, mitigate malware injection via WEB and Database, and reduce other vulnerabilities of this nature in network environments.

Flexibility to change in the face of market challenges.

The Portal Card software is totally proprietary, we know our processes, we have an IT environment with elasticity and we adopt a different strategic planning for every new project.

Ease of deployment and Security of the operation.

Documented procedures for implementation, operation and use of fully supported Systems at all stages.
- Support 24 hours and 360 days in operation.
- Operation with logical treatment to maintain the database.
- Specification and Data Modeling.
- Homologation Environment.

Digital Tools. Mobility.

The Portal Card system is totally WEB, online.
- Webservices.
- Software for Call Center Management.
- Mobile Applications.

Security PA-DSS

We have as reference the PA-DSS for handling information security.
New vulnerabilities arise every day, through the implementation of new software, changes in the codes of the systems developed, even with the discovery of new flaws in already tested software and in Operating Systems.


Here is the great differential of Portal Card in relation to the competition. While the other companies pay high values ​​for software developed outside, leaving the service more expensive also for the client, in Portal Card,  technology is itself. The customer pays a more affordable price for the services.

Consider the advantages offered by Portal Card when it comes to hiring your Credit Card processor.